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Arizona to stand for equality, not discrimination

Arizona to stand for equality, no discrimination Arizona state leaders once again pushed into a roiling national debate, and the wrong side. Government by the end of the week Jan Brewer (R) over Washington Post
Arizona Gov Jan Brewer’s veto Senate Bill 1062 Gov Jan Brewer of Arizona Senate Bill 1062, more toxic outrage quiet which led to discrimination and hurt the country’s economy and reputation, and despair … more azcentral.com

be allowed to refer to a personal religious beliefs that have objected to the bill. SB Controversy 1062, … CNBC.com

Arizona State Senate passes bill to legalize anti-LGBT discrimination

Arizona State Senate anti-LGBT discrimination Republican-controlled Arizona State Senate passes bill to legalize gay people to serve companies that refuse to provide legal cover Created on Wednesday approved a bill. KPHO in Phoenix bill Sen. Steve Yarbrough (R) sponsor reports that more Raw Story
southern Arizona with Mexico should seize business opportunities, panel Mexico quickly becoming a player in international trade , and says, in the south of the Arizona border to be ready to pounce on them economic opportunities, a group of business leaders said on Thursday. Arturo Garino, Nogales, Ariz., said the mayor, … Read more Arizona Daily Star
Arizona Senate Passes will open discrimination on the basis of religious discrimination against homosexuals opponents say the bill, which the State House Bill to allow travel, where it is expected to pass. Arizona Democrat Bill “discrimination, freedom of religion will be merged.” Says Posted on 19 February 2014 at 19:16. href=”http://www.buzzfeed.com/tonymerevick/arizona-senate-passes-bill-allowing-religious-based-discrimi”>BuzzFeed